The engagement and involvement of patients and the public is vital to the Accelerator project, helping enhance our research and our interactions with external stakeholders. We are working closely with dedicated Patient Advocates and cancer patient groups to organise public outreach and engagement activities.

What I find interesting about this project is that it is using new technology to tackle questions which are fundamental to both understanding how cancer develops and which also should lead to improved drug development for chemotherapy and other treatments.   This might save the lives of patients affected by a very difficult to treat form of cancer.   The technology of this new approach to 3D microscopy and imaging is very interesting and could enable investigations which reveal aspects of cancer biology which are so far unknown.
Gareth Jones, MACH3CANCER Accelerator, Patient Advocate

Taking tissue samples and imaging technology to see what is happening during treatment is a great idea that could also lead to better and more effective treatment. When I went through extensive, high doses of chemo treatment I kept asking myself what are the other numerous reactions that were taking place, hence numerous side effects, even to day after 4 years.
Alan Levy, MACH3CANCER Accelerator, Patient Advocate
As a lay person myself I believe PPI to be extremely important and  definitely the way forward. By putting oneself forward and serving on committees, steering groups etc and sharing experiences it makes research all the easier as it allows for individual experiences to be shared and discussed. This can be done either in person or with the use of technology where suitable. Treatment will differ from person to person and in some cases consultations may be carried out with the use of  on line facilities or phone thus saving a journey which may not always be necessary. Personally I believe PPI to be invaluable if progress in research is to progress.
Margot Watson, MACH3CANCER Accelerator, Patient Advocate

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Past events

On June 2nd 2021 our PhD students Dan and Billy collaborated with the White City to proved a half-term activity introducing the concept of microscopes.

MACH3CANCER is an Accelerator project supported by Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC). CRUK Accelerator Awards are ambitious, multidisciplinary projects intended to enable progress in translational cancer research through the development of tools, platforms and skills that form the foundations of such research.
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